A small inn in Hiragishi, Sapporo, Guesthouse OYADO SAPPORO.
We would like it to be a place where Hiragishi locals and travelers can gather with smiles.
May the small encounters you have at this small inn become part of the precious memories of your travels.

NEWS -お知らせ-

ROOM & FACILITY -部屋と設備について-

We have the Shared Space & the Bar.
Mixed Dormitory:From 2,500 yen
【Free Wi-Fi】
【Free Breakfast】

BOOKING -ご予約について-

Read a Booking page,
before a booking.

CAFE & BAR -カフェとバー-

Available from 15:00 to 22:00.
Local beer "sapporo classic",
Baked confectionery from Hiragishi local area,
Cake form "CAFÉ de ROMAN" at Moiwa area.

ACCESS MAP -アクセスマップ-